Pax Changes Name To Avoid FR Name Change Fee

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A student booked on an FR flight under the wrong name decided to change his name by deed poll and buy a new passport because it was cheaper than paying the booking amendment fee.

Adam Armstrong, 19, told the U.K.’s Sun newspaper he faced a £220 charge to change the booking, which had been mistakenly made by his girlfriend's stepfather under the wrong name.

But it was actually cheaper for him to change his name by deed poll – which doesn’t cost anything in the U.K. - and to pay £103 for a new passport.

Armstrong, a Batman fan, had used the name Adam West on Facebook after the actor who played the Dark Night on the original campy television series. His girlfriend's stepfather had mistakenly used that name to make the booking, according to the Sun.

FR was going to charge £110 to change the name, and the passenger believed he would have to pay it twice because his girlfriend was on the same booking. In fact, they were on separate bookings. The charge is designed to stop people buying flights and then selling them on for a profit.

"Customers are asked to ensure that the details they enter at the time of booking are correct before completing their booking and we offer a 24 hr. 'grace period' to correct minor booking errors," said a Ryanair spokesman. "A name change fee is charged in order to discourage and prevent unauthorized online travel agents from 'screenscraping' Ryanair's cheapest fares and reselling them on to unwitting consumers at hugely inflated costs.”

At least the young pax picked a cool name. But when going through security he should definitely avoid spouting one of Adam West’s most famous lines as the Batman: “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.”

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