British Seaside Resort Bans The Mankini

Open Jaw

Remember the 'mankini' Sacha Baron Cohen wore in Borat? If not, consider yourself lucky. It was hard to un-see.

One tourist town in England has had enough of the revealing male garment. The English seaside town of Newquay has suffered through an epidemic of bands of men striding through town wearing nothing more than top hats and mankinis.

As the photo accompanying this story clearly shows, the band's selection committee wasn't overly choosy.

Newquay police say a recent move to ban mankinis has contributed to an overall improvement in behaviour. Visitors can still wear top hats, but not in conjunction with mankinis. Apparently, families find the sight of bands of men dressed in skimpy fetish-wear offensive.

Another big English resort, Blackpool, is thinking of banning the offensive article as well.

There may be a trend happening. Magaluf, a major Spanish resort that has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late, has cracked down on people running naked through the streets, urinating in public and leaping from balconies into crowds below. Good ideas all.

Newquay civic officials say the move to ban Borat-style mankinis has assisted a strategic plan to change the town's reputation from one of debauchery, exhibitionism, buck's nights and hen parties to family-friendly fun.

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