Lizard In Lunch Story A Lie Says Indignant AI

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Air India has denounced as baseless a photo of an in-flight meal containing a lizard accompanied by a report that the reptile had been encountered in one of its meals on a recent Delhi-London flight. There was “absolutely no truth” to the story, the airline stated.

The airline dismissed the report and picture, which have been doing the rounds of social media, as “mischievous propaganda.”

The picture purportedly shows a tiny reptile emerging from underneath a bun on a meal tray. A colourful story carried in the Times of India referred to a passenger screaming after being served the lizard.

“Soon after it was placed on to the tray, the passenger was heard screaming,” the paper quoted an unnamed airline source as saying.

The lunch was wrapped in cling film and the lizard scurried from underneath a burger, the source said.

“The passenger was very upset and said that he would lodge a complaint with the airline on landing,” the source was quoted as saying.

AI’s swift denial was later carried by the paper and by the BBC. The state-owned carrier said the “false and baseless hoax” seemed designed to tarnish its image.

“Air India has investigated the ‘incident’ and has found it to be false and baseless. No such complaint by any passenger of the flight has been received on board the flight or at the Air India office in London,” the airline tweeted.

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