Holiday Honesty Survey Reveals Bad Behaviour

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More than 9,500 adults from the U.K., U.S., China, Canada and Germany were asked by Travelzoo to own up to their worst holiday habits. The results are slightly disturbing.

The research revealed that 2 out of 3 Americans admitted to peeing in the pool or the sea, closely followed by 1/2 of Canadians and 46% of Britons. The sea is a big place, a resort pool, not so much. Swim-up bars are suddenly less inviting.

Brits tend to claim the moral high ground when it comes to hogging sunbeds, but it turns out they're just as bad as the Germans, who the Brits usually blame for such behaviour. 1/3 of respondents from each country admitted to making the early morning towel run to reserve a lounger on the beach or by the pool.

The Germans are bigger cheaters when it comes to their partners – at least if the survey can be believed. 10% of Germans admitted to cheating on their partner on holiday compared with 5% of Brits and just 2% of Canadians.

When it comes to taking time at work to research a holiday online, the Chinese led the way at 70%, followed by Americans at 67% and Canadians at 64%. Just 40% of Brits owned up to this practice.

1/4 of Americans admitted feigning illness to extend their holiday, compared to 16% of Canadians and 15% of Brits.

Travelzoo says Americans are also the biggest culprits when it comes to heading home with free toiletries – 69% owned up to it compared to 63% of Canadians, 45% of U.K. travellers and 1 in 5 Germans. We don't see that as a crime, however, just a sampling exercise.

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