Naked Justice: Thief On Plane Stripped By Fellow Pax

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An attempt by an air passenger to steal a large sum of money from a fellow traveller ended with the suspect being stripped naked - by fellow pax - and the money recovered.

The extraordinary story was reported in Nigerian media. The alleged thief and his victim were travelling on a morning flight on Aero, a scheduled airline operating in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Togo, reported.

The suspect, a Nigerian, was allegedly caught stealing over $2,000 from cabin baggage belonging to an Austrian man travelling on the same flight.

A flight attendant reportedly sighted the man removing the Austrian's bag as if he was changing his seat. The suspect took the bag to his own seat and removed cash belonging to the Austrian, the outlet reported.

The thief was reportedly apprehended while trying to return the bag, minus the money, to its original place.

A female flight attendant said: “While trying to return the bag I asked him [the suspect] to sit down. But he became uncomfortable before the plane landed and the white man raised alarm that he couldn't find his bag."

As soon as the plane landed at Abuja, pax acted. The suspect was quickly stripped naked and the money was found on his person, along with a stash of marijuana.

The suspect told other angry pax he had taken the bag by mistake, thinking it was his own. When that story didn't fly, he then said he had stolen the money to take care of his ailing mother.

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