Zimbabwe Hotels Accused Of Filming Guest Sex, Posting It Online

Open Jaw

Some holiday lodges and hotels in Zimbabwe are being rigged with recording equipment to secretly record guests having sex – with the resulting video ending up online.

That's the unsavoury accusation being made by a former employee at a lodge in Bulawayo. The claims surfaced first on local site My Zimbabwe and were then aired more extensively in Britain's Daily Mirror.

According to the unnamed informant, the practice happens in the capital, Harare, as well as in Bulawayo lodges and hotels.

Nigerian businessmen behind the racket are reportedly willing to pay the equivalent of about $1300 for a week of recorded output, featuring unsuspecting guests having sex in what they believe to be the privacy of their hotel rooms.

Those being filmed are probably not tourists. Some cheap hotels let rooms at bargain rates to locals who hire them for romps with sex workers.

Zimbabwe's moribund economy provides fertile ground for such scams. The local currency hit such stratospheric inflation that it was scrapped, with US dollars or South African rand now being used instead.

In January 2009, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe permitted the use of foreign currency in response to an economic decline that caused inflation levels of 5 billion percent.

On 15JUNE, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe took the final step in the process of eliminating the country's troubled sovereign currency. Zimbabwe dollars are being decommissioned at a rate of 35 quadrillion per US dollar (that's ZWD 35,000,000,000,000,000 for USD 1).

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