The Saudi Royals Are Coming…The Beach Is Closed

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Beach lovers on the French Riviera are venting their anger over the imminent arrival of the Saudi royal family, who have ordered a kilometre-long stretch of beach to be closed off to the public.


“Looking after their security is fine, but they should at least let us go for a swim,” said Mohamed, a disgruntled fishing enthusiast, as reported by the Guardian.


Set between the coastal railway and the Mediterranean Sea, the grounds of the royal family’s immense villa stretch across a kilometre of Riviera coastline between Antibes and Marseille. The property has reportedly been unoccupied for several years.


Local authorities confirmed that King Salman was due to arrive this week, and that access to the entire kilometre stretch would be cut off, including the public beach at Vallauris, which can only be reached through a tunnel under the railway line.


“Access to the coast will be prohibited by police officers for the duration of the king’s holiday,” said local official Philippe Castanet. Coast guard boats will also stop anyone coming within 300 metres of the villa by sea.


Beach users swung between disappointment and anger over the news. “They take the decision and there’s nothing we can say,” said Mohamed, rinsing off his fishing rod on the beachfront.


“It’s a good fishing spot and blocking access is not acceptable.”

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