CX Loses A Bag – Stuffed With $1 Million In Cash

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There’s lost luggage and there’s lost luggage.


CX has lost a bag containing NZD 1 million in cash, somewhere at HKG.


The missing bag was one of 12 carrying cash valued at NZD 10 million, being flown to New Zealand by the airline, Hong Kong media reported. It apparently tumbled out of a vehicle making a sharp turn at the airport.


The cash bags, labelled “G4S International” were being delivered to the Bank of China through the cargo transfer service provided by Cathay’s subsidiary, Hong Kong Airport Services.


Surveillance footage shows 3 bags tumbling out of a trailer being towed by a small airport vehicle, while the vehicle makes a turn at a corner. The trailer does not seem to have been properly fastened.


The driver was travelling without a security guard during the transfer, an omission criticized by Hong Kong unions.


2 of the 3 missing bags were later found on the airport tarmac but the 3rd one is still missing.


Police are investigating. They might want to check any airport employees who suddenly developed an intense interest in seeing the set of The Hobbit.

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