“Good Riddance & Bon Voyage:” Failing Agency Slags Customers

Open Jaw

Dozens of Australian travellers could be left out of pocket and without a holiday after local travel agency Sky Air Services ran into financial difficulties. The nation’s Commissioner for Consumer Protection says it has received numerous complaints that flights and accommodation booked by the company had not been paid in full.

In itself, the incident doesn’t qualify for Open Jaw Deviation status. Agencies have failed before, here in Canada as well as down under. But what makes this one a little different are the social media responses from the Fremantle based agency to some of its disgruntled clients.

When some customers complained on the company’s Facebook page, the responses were a textbook example of egregious customer service. All the same, agents who’ve suffered enough tire-kickers and nickel-and-dimers might feel a twinge of sympathy.

One unhappy customer wrote: “I’ll be warning people not to use them. I have 1,000 clients on my books and I will tell all of them planning to travel not to use them.”

The response from Sky Air Services: “Go for it. Happy travels! You’re a f***ing pain in the ass, hard maintenance anyways. Good riddance and bon voyage.”

Sky Air Services also appeared to hit back at another customer complaining about their actions, with a response that might also resonate with some agents.

A customer wrote: “Don’t answer phones… take your money months before needing to at an inflated price and don’t purchase tickets.”

Sky Air’s response: “Inflated price? U mean 20 dollar commission? When there’s an early booking or a special it needs to be paid to the airlines otherwise U can wait and pay 600 bucks more closer to ur trip. Well done! Well done!”

Most of the complaints are from Australia’s Croatian and Serbian community as the agency specialized in travel to those countries.


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