Who Needs Air Marshals? Russian Pax Deal With Drunk

Open Jaw

Word of advice: if you plan on boarding a plane hammered and then proceed to act like a buffoon while ruining the flight for dozens of others, you might not want to choose a Russian carrier.

One hapless boozer learned this on a recent S7 flight from HKG to VVO. According to reports from Vostok Media, the intoxicated man began berating crew and hurliung insults at other pax.

Rather than endure that behaviour for the rest of the flight or face a long diversion, 5 or 6 fellow pax took the situation in hand. They literally punched the man to the ground before tying him up with seat belts, tape and plastic wrap.

The man was presumably untied when the flight landed in Russia and is reportedly facing charges of disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

And as no good deed goes unpunished, the pax who restrained him may face censure as well. Tough to blame them, though.

And, hopefully, the sight of a drunk trussed up like a Christmas turkey might stick in the mind of someone deciding whether to order that last double before boarding a flight.

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