Where To Stick All That Wearable Technology?

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Google Glass and the Apple Watch are the just tip of the wearable technology iceberg. The geeks at Amadeus are looking into the volume of wearable hardware flooding the market which will turn the average tourist into a walking cyborg.

According to their report, this trend ‘holds an enormous opportunity for the travel industry’. Indeed. There are gadgets for your wallet, your head, your wrist, your back and your torso.

From the Timex Irnoman One GPS+ to the 3L Labs Footlogger to a Nike FulbandSE, the stuff is keeping marketers busy in the world of techy one-upmanship.

Here is some of the hype presented on the gadget man diagram Amadeus is exploring:

-Wearable technology offers the chance for travel businesses to understand their customers in new, more powerful ways.

-Whether it distracts from the boredom of travel or immerses people in the experience of new places, wearable technology can make travel a more ininteresting [their typo or intentional new nerd term?] and fulfilling experience.

-The safer people feel in exploring new places, on their own or with their families, the more likely they are to head off the beaten track.

It won’t be long before your clients are clunking their way through Tuscany loaded with computers shoved into their hats, ears, rings and god knows where else.

The helpful Amadeus diagram identifies the 7 areas where wearable technology could fit.

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