Resort Wages War On Beach Hoggers

Open Jaw

The Costa del Sol town of Torrox has outlawed the practice of ‘reserving’ loungers by draping towels on empty chairs or staking beach umbrellas at desirable spots.  

Torrox is taking decidedly serious action to combat one of the perennial bugbears of beach holidays with new by-laws inflicting fines of up to €600 on people who commit the sin of ‘pre-booking’ a patch of sand.

Dedicated local police now patrol beaches in the early morning, keeping an eye out for suspect beach settings. When they see a suspect towel or umbrella, they wait a few minutes to see if owners are nearby.

If, however, police deem the site is the work of a ‘beach thief’, they confiscate the offending material. Owners can then reclaim it — for a fee of €30.

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