Novelty Grenade Forces ONT Evacuation

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It’s not nice to call people stupid, but what else can you say about someone who tries to take a replica hand grenade through an airport in 2015?


The grenade was part of a prank gift. It was attached to a sign that read: “Complaints Department: Take A Number.” To take the number, you have to pull the pin of the grenade. Hilarious, right?

 Similar novelty items have repeatedly been confiscated by TSA on multiple occasions, but this week a really funny guy and his fake grenade forced the evacuation of California’s ONT.


A security officer detected the grenade, which was inside a metal box, as it passed through the conveyor belt. The building was evacuated and the bomb squad was called to investigate the object.


Officer Rob Pedregon of the airport’s police department told the Press Enterprise: “Usually something [of this nature] you can clear right away, but when you’re looking at half an object that looks like a hand grenade with a pin in it, you say, ‘Whoa, let’s stop everything [and analyze it.]’”


Terminal 4 at the airport was evacuated for close to 30 min. before pax were allowed to return inside. One person was reportedly taken into custody (an eyewitness said the man was handcuffed to a chair) but there is no word on whether he will be facing any charges.


TSA agent Nico Melendez told ABC7: “When you see these items we just don’t know, so we have to act out of security and out of the safety of passengers,” Melendez said. “So it is scary at first when you see something like that because you just don’t know.”

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