Toddler Left Distraught After Fart-Blaster Toy Seized By Security

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A 3 yr. old boy got a lesson in the harsh reality of post 9/11 airport security after having his Minion toy gun - or more accurately his Minion Fart Blaster - confiscated at DUB.

Toddler Leo Fitzpatrick was left distraught after being told he could not take the toy with him while trying to board a flight. The airport said toy guns - especially those with a trigger mechanism- are on the prohibited items list.

Leo was travelling home from a trip to see his mother's family in Dublin when his Minion Fart-Blaster toy showed up on the airport's x-ray machine. Officials asked his mother Daire, 25, to empty his backpack and revealed the plastic megaphone toy, which lights up and makes rude noises when the trigger is pulled.

The family, from Nottingham, were then left bemused when security officials said it posed a risk and had to be seized under rules governing replica weapons.

The youngster, who had received the £25 toy as a present from his grandfather the day before, had to put on a brave face while his favourite toy was confiscated.

Leo's mother said: “He was devastated. He is very well-behaved and very polite, and he said ‘of course’ and left it but he is very upset and doesn’t understand why he’s sharing his toy with the man. It was such a shame. If you look at it it’s just ridiculous it could be considered a weapon. I mean, would you shake with fear if I pointed a Minions Fart-Blaster at you?”

Not the point, say airport officials.

“Toy guns and replica guns are on the prohibited items list and we urge people to check this before they travel,” a DUB spokesperson said. “If passengers are carrying prohibited items they must be surrendered in order to continue on their journey. While it is unfortunate the Minion toy had to be surrendered it is important to note that we do not make up the security rules but we have to apply them.”

The airport told the family it would store the toy so it could be collected later.

Unspoken in all of this foofaraw is the actual damage that a 3 yr. old with a Fart Blaster could do to the flying experience of fellow pax. Some may have silently applauded the security staff.

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