EY To Offer Lifestyle Concierges For Its Biggest Spenders

Open Jaw

If there’s one thing this humble writer has learned from reading thousands of press releases on luxury products and services over the years, it’s this:


The very rich are different than us.


They don’t live. They have ‘lifestyles.’


They are ‘discerning’. (Do you ever hear poor people described as ‘discerning’?)


They have ‘unique needs.’


They know what ‘bespoke’ means.


Thankfully, EY is practiced at meeting the needs of people with unique needs, and the airline aims to raise the bar further through a collaboration with global concierge service provider Ten Group.


The service is restricted to guests travelling in ‘The Residence by Etihad’ onboard the airline’s Airbus A380 fleet. You know, the 3-room upper-deck suite that goes for up to $50K per flight.


What will the service provide? I’ll step back and let the press release writer handle that part, as they are specially trained in the precise adjectives required to communicate with the discerning.


“Ten Group will provide a specially trained Etihad Lifestyle Concierge team who will work closely with the airline’s London Savoy-trained Residence by Etihad Butlers. Utilising intelligent systems, global support and unmatched supplier relationships, the Etihad Lifestyle Concierge team will deliver a highly personalized and discreet experience, providing access to a range of services including dining reservations, entertainment bookings, special events, destination information and lifestyle services.” 


Ten Group says its “unique niche is in serving the needs of the affluent in 22 languages.” (Hopefully one at a time.)


The company’s Managing Director Toby Gauvain describes the service offering this way: “Discerning guests travelling in the incredible Residence by Etihad will be provided with bespoke lifestyle solutions, delivered with the utmost discretion, convenience and sophistication no matter where they are flying in the world.”


See, he knows what ‘bespoke’ means.

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