Born On A TK Flight, Man Now Works As TK Flight Attendant

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Stranger than fiction? Just about.

As USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices reports, no one feels more at home in the sky than TK flight attendant Erkan Geldi.

Why? He was born there. In fact, he was born midair on a TK flight from IST to FRA in 1990. His mother named him Erkan in honor of the pilot that day. He is part of a very small club: one of only a few people to start their life in the sky.

Geldi’s birth came on the day of his mother’s 1st-ever flight.

“My mother was afraid of her 1st flight. Nevertheless, she took the flight to Frankfurt from Istanbul. It was an exciting flight, but became more so when she went into labour upon descent. The cabin crew asked if there were doctors on board, and a newly graduated gynecologist raised his hand. The pilot that day has since retired, but I have exchanged letters with the purser on my 1st flight who was the 1st one to hold me in her lap.”

Geldi says the facts of his birth may have influenced his chosen career. “My father worked in Germany, and we took a plane twice a year to visit. I wondered every time I saw a plane what it must be like to work there. Maybe it’s because of my birth, maybe not. But it’s clear that I love planes.”

After achieving a degree in teaching English, Geldi interviewed for a flight attendant position last year.

“During the interview process, they asked me why I picked this occupation. I replied that actually the occupation chose me! When my father’s friends came to visit, they would always say, ‘Hello, little pilot!’”

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