Woman Chugs $200 Cognac She Couldn’t Take On Plane

Open Jaw

We feel her pain.

A Chinese woman who was connecting from Beijing to Wenzhou was told by airport security that she could not take an expensive bottle of cognac, which she had bought in the U.S., onto the plane in her hand luggage as it was over 100 ml.

Not wanting to let her $200 Rémy Martin XO Excellence go to waste, the woman, surnamed Zhou, chugged the entire bottle.

Not surprisingly, Zhou became so loaded that she was found rolling on the floor and acting erratically at a boarding gate at Beijing Capital International Airport, reports the South China Morning Post.

“She was so drunk … she couldn’t even stand up herself. We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest,” a police officer told the local paper Beijing Times.

Zhou was not allowed to board her flight out of concern for the safety of others and herself as she was travelling alone. When Zhou woke (and sobered) up several hours later, her family escorted her home.

No doubt she had a memorable hangover, but it beats the residual bitterness of handing over a delicious bottle of cognac to a security screener.

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