Cheater Discount: CheapAir Gives AshleyMadison Users $50 Off

Open Jaw

Will $50 help fix a marriage faced with Ashley Madison revelations?

We doubt it – talk about a cheap date – but online agency CheapAir is taking a page out of Spirit Airlines’ book by jumping on a salacious topic. It’s offering $50 travel vouchers to any Ashley Madison user whose information was released to the public.

“If your relationship is in ruins and you’re thinking about heading out of town, we have a solution for you,” CheapAir writes. “Send us an email and we’ll send you a $50 companion flight discount certificate for you to take your loved one on a trip. With the money you save on the flight, you can have a romantic dinner. Let’s face it, you may have made some mistakes, but a vacation may be just what you both need right now.”

A romantic dinner for $50? Well, likely CheapAir attracts cheapskates. And some may find drive-throughs romantic.

To qualify, travellers must email from the address of a leaked account. Does that mean CheapAir staff will be reviewing the sexual preferences and peccadillos of its passengers? More to the point, will $50 get a cheater off the couch and back in the marital bed?

Who knows? But it’s worth a try. After all, life is short…

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