What Happens In Vegas… Can Be Really Stupid

Open Jaw

Two men climbed a fence at The Venetian Hotel in Vegas in order to gain access to the resort’s faux canal, where visitors take gondola rides.

They jumped in, seemingly forgetting that they didn’t know how to swim. As a result, they had to be rescued and hospitalized, with reports that they were transported by ambulance to hospital in critical condition.

The men were lucky that security personnel spotted their incursion on surveillance video cameras, as their early morning ‘swim’ came before the 10 a.m. start time for gondola rides.

Inspired by the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, The Venetian’s outdoor "main lagoon" is 11 to 12 ft. deep and sits between Las Vegas Boulevard and the casino's front entrance.

"Apparently, the individuals were unable to swim and were pulled from the water," said a hotel spokesperson. Which of course begs the question: “Why were they attempting to swim the canal?’

But it’s Vegas, right? What happens in the canal stays in the canal. These 2 men almost did too.

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