Naughty Behaviour Survey Reveals Traveller Transgressions

Open Jaw

It’s amazing what people will reveal in anonymous polls. A new travel behaviour survey by metasearch engine Hipmunk covered everything from skinny-dipping in the hotel pool to indulging in international drug use.


Of 1,000 respondents, 7% admitted swimming naked in a hotel pool while 12% had dabbled in drugs in places where they were legal.


The most widespread travel offense in Hipmunk’s survey is pilfering the hotel breakfast bar – effectively turning it into a lunch bar too -  a misdemeanor to which 60% of respondents confessed. 


Just 6% admitted to sneaking aboard a plane before their group was called, but 18% said they have gotten up from their seat while the seat belt sign was on.


And while there’s nothing wrong with taking home the toiletries from your hotel room, a startling 29% of those surveyed admitted to pilfering toiletries from a maid’s cart in a hotel hallway. 10% have lied to receive a hotel upgrade (Just Married!), while 12% copped to stealing towels or robes.


As well-travelled people, we wonder where Open Jaw’s readers fit on the naughty travel behaviour scale. Please feel free to make anonymous confessions below. You’ll feel better.

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