Holiday Inn Express Invites You To Eat Your Face Off For Breakfast

Open Jaw

“You are what you eat,” has never been more literal than in a new promotional campaign from Holiday Inn Express. The “Pancake Selfie Express” will see guests’ selfie pics stamped on the surface of the chain’s breakfast buffet pancakes.


Customer events in 9 cities will give people the chance to snap a selfie and then have it laser-imprinted on a pancake produced by the brand’s one-touch pancake machine, aka “The Stack Station.”


Some 2,000 Holiday Inn Express locations have one of these newfangled pancake machines, although they don’t normally serve up selfie pancakes. Probably just as well – you don’t want to wait for a fellow guest to get the perfect picture before moving through the pancake line.


Apparently, printing pictures on food is some kind of a thing these days. Lufthansa has delighted pax with 3-D printed lattes – at least on days when the pilots show up to work.

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