Couple Cheered By Flight Crew After Joining Mile High Club

Open Jaw

When a couple disappeared together into the lavatory during a DY flight from CDG to ARN, they didn’t notice that a member of the flight crew had noticed their surreptitious activity.

When they emerged, they were no doubt surprised when congratulations came over the intercom from the flight deck.

A passenger on the flight told The Local: “He said something like, ‘We’d like to send our best wishes of happy reproduction to the couple that ventured into the bathroom earlier on.”

The comments, spoken in Swedish, came from an unidentified member of the flight crew. The English and French speaking pax on the flight were likely befuddled by the laughter of their Swedish speaking fellow flyers, but the message was not repeated in other languages.

We’re not sure if reproduction was what they had in mind, but we guess you could tell who they were by their red faces.

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