Selfies vs. Shark Attacks... Which Are More Deadly?

Open Jaw

It has been a bad year for shark attacks, from the North Carolina coast to the waters of Australia. Sharks are scary. And they can be dangerous, occasionally lethal. But not, as Condé Nast Traveler reports, as lethal as that ubiquitous-of-late travel pastime, the selfie.


Believe it or not, shark attacks have been far less dangerous to travellers than selfie accidents.


Let's look at the numbers. Through August of this year, there have been 8 confirmed shark-related deaths around the world. In those same 8 months, the number of selfie-related deaths reached at least 10.


And those are just the ones easily tracked. According to Reuters, the Russian Interior Ministry reacted to "dozens" of selfie deaths and injuries early this year with a series of slightly bizarre warnings. (As you can see from the accompanying image).


Selfie deaths have come from bridge falls, cliff tumbles, hand grenade explosions, shots to the head – even bison goring. It’s enough to keep the Darwin Awards people busy for years.


In June, the European Union actually proposed the criminalization of certain types of selfies: namely, those containing landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Rome's Trevi Fountain.


The bottom line: stay out of the water, if you must. But when it comes to real scary situations, the selfie stick is a much bigger menace.

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