Silly Pax Questions

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Maybe it’s something to do with the air pressure. But according to cabin crew members, airline pax ask a lot of hilarious questions.


British budget airliner Jet2 just released the findings of a survey it gave to its cabin crew members, asking them to share the strangest questions asked by pax.


“We always try to remain professional, but it’s great that we can have a joke with passengers after they’ve said something without thinking how ridiculous it is,” a spokesperson said in a press release.


“My favourite was the customer who wanted to know how to wind their window down. I don’t think they realised what would happen if they did that travelling so high up!”


Here’s a look at the most outrageous questions, according to LS:


·         Excuse me, what’s in the ham and cheese sandwich?

·         Where are we?

·         Miss, please can you ask the crew to fly lower as my wife is afraid of heights?

·         I’ve forgotten something, can we turn around?

·         The pilot said we’re landing ahead of schedule. Is that U.K. or Spanish time?

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