Here’s What Happens When Crew Doesn’t Disarm & Crosscheck

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Cabin crew, prepare for landing, disarm your doors and crosscheck.” Bet you’ve heard that one before. But what happens if the Captain’s orders are not followed?

Dramatic photos have emerged showing what happened on a recent occasion when BA flight attendants forgot to perform the task.

After the plane landed and docked at the airbridge, cabin crew opened the plane door from the inside – a door that had not been disarmed. The emergency slide deployed with a loud noise and completely blocked the exit from the plane.

A Twitter user with the handle @Toughmutter posted the accompanying images of the situation. The plane is believed to be a BA B787 Dreamliner.

Here’s what’s supposed to happen: when the pilot or chief flight steward gives cabin crew the instruction “disarm your doors,” the action prevents the escape slide from inflating and deploying. When armed, a slide will automatically deploy the instant its door is opened from the inside.

‘Crosscheck’ is a generic term used by pilots and flight attendants meaning that one crewmember has verified the task of another.

In the dramatic case pictured, “the flight attendant didn’t disarm the door before opening, and the second flight attendant didn’t crosscheck her, so both are to blame,” @Toughmutter told Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

“If the door had been opened from the outside, the slide would not have blown,” @Toughmutter said. “Since the attendant opened the door from the inside, the slide was activated.” Oops. 

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