There’s A Baboon Tarantula Loose On The Plane!

Open Jaw

What’s worse? Snakes or spiders – great big, hairy spiders – on a plane? It’s a trick question because we believe many of you would share our wish to fly without being trapped in a winged metal tube with either of them.

A DL aircraft was recently grounded and pax transferred to another flight after an African baboon tarantula spider escaped from its container in the cargo hold.

DL spokesman Brian Kruse told the Baltimore Sun that baggage handlers noticed the gigantic, venomous arachnid loose on flight 1525, a domestic hop from BWI to ATL.

The tarantula had escaped from its container in the cargo hold. Kruse said the captain grounded the plane while the aircraft was searched for any other 8-legged wanderers.

“They were able to capture it, and they contacted the handler to verify it was the only spider in the cage,” Kruse said. He added that the spider was confined to the cargo hold and never entered the pax cabin.

When the captain told pax the reason for the delay, many were eager to depart – from the plane that is. The captain ordered the plane to remain in Baltimore to be searched overnight.

The result was a 3 hr. delay and, we hope, a spider-free flight.

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