12 Year Old’s Travel Review Site Lets Kids Sound Off

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Bella Tipping who lives in Dubbo, Australia identified a significant gap in travel review sites that she is addressing with her recently launched Kidzcationz which is being hyped as the TripAdvisor for kids.


Some established online players have taken notice and the site is getting a lot of attention from news sites around the world.

Bella came up with the idea while on a family vacation in the U.S. where she realized that if the kids aren’t having a good time on their holiday, their parents aren’t either.

According to Bella, “After our last trip when Mum was putting reviews on TripAdvisor, I asked her if I could also do some reviews of my own. I am too young to register for TripAdvisor so I did them on paper. At the end, we compared reviews and Mum was surprised that my reviews were often so much different to hers and she wondered why. For example, while my parents had a luxurious hotel bed, I scored the 20 year old lumpy fold-out sofa which bowed in the middle or collapsed when I sat on it. While they had a vast menu when dining full of tempting delicacies, the kids’ menu had the same old deep fried nuggets, dried out lasagne or tasteless burgers which came with a soft drink – not juice because that’s extra – and a cheap variety of ice cream with runny topping.”

Hotels, resorts, attractions and restaurants – take note – 2 nd class cheapo deals to attract the family can’t just be sloughed off on the kids - “because it’s our holiday too!” Kidzcationz.com allows children to rate their experiences based on how well they cater to the younger members of the family.

Children can use avatars instead of providing photos and personal details, to ensure privacy and safety for its young online users. The more reviews kids write, the more points they collect to enhance their avatar.

Bella’s parents backed her in the set up of the site – but, not before she had submitted a detailed business plan. Her Mom says, “She sat in her room and wrote up a business plan explaining what the site was, how it was going to work, her target audience and most importantly an exit strategy.” Bella’s Mom helped her create an affiliation with Expedia so people are also able to book their vacations through the website. 

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