Newest Tourist Board Is Out Of This World

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ArrivalGuides, an online distributor of destination content, has announced its newest profiled destination - and it’s out of this world. The company says the Mars Tourist Board has signed up as the latest destination wishing to attract millions of travellers to its rocky shores.


ArrivalGuides quotes Hydro Flipida, CEO of the Mars Tourist Board, stating, “We are targeting markets from all over the galaxy, regardless of colour, limb length, or number of heads, everyone is welcome. We currently have a new ski resort and attraction with restaurant being built on the top of Olympus Mons, which is 24 km high. There will be something for everyone, even the 400 yr. olds who love the spa scene and want a bit of rejuvenation will love our new facilities.”


The recent revelation that Mars supports water has added impetus to Mars’ tourism ambitions. “We always knew we had water, we just wanted to develop the destination a bit more before we started to welcome the Blue People from Kepler-22b and the GrunThangs from Tau Cetie,” said Flipida. “Our Red Planet has quite a bit of charm which everyone can now read about in our new ArrivalGuide.”


Magnus Aideborn, CEO of ArrivalGuides, said: “It works like this, just like the other 550 destinations in our destination network, Mars will upload its destination information into our system. This content will automatically update to our vast network of over 340 distribution partners, a network which includes OTAs, search engines, cruise companies, airlines, tour companies and travel operators.


Aviva Pearson, President of ArrivalGuides, describes herself as ‘part-Martian.’ She sees huge growth potential for the destination, despite the current situation of irregular flights and a 7 month travel time.


“With all the new, exciting plans for development and thrilling discoveries surrounding the presence of water, now is the best time to plan a trip to the Red Planet. Mars is a true nature-lover's paradise. With boundless adventures, Mars is a family friendly destination offering water and theme parks, sand-boarding and kayaking along with the special offers for relaxing or romantic getaways.” For more information please download the Mars ArrivalGuide – your adventure awaits!”

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