Bottles Marked TNT? Yeah, Throw Them In The Luggage

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Planning a wedding is a stressful time. Brides and grooms can be excused for not always thinking clearly during the process. But assuming you could travel through an airport in 2015 with luggage containing several powder-filled glass bottles with wax-covered lids, fuses and the letters “TNT” stenciled on the sides is just plain dumb, no matter what your stress level.


An unidentified couple caused a 20 min. evacuation and a visit from the bomb squad at DEN, after the TSA didn’t like what they saw in an X-ray monitor.


The bottles contained bath salts, intended to be a nice souvenir for guests attending the big day. The bride and groom apparently each have given names starting with ‘T,’ hence the ‘TNT’ message stencilled on the side of the bottles. The red wax tops with protruding wicks went well with the dynamite theme. But they didn’t go so well with air travel.


The airport was briefly evacuated until, presumably, the owners of what USAToday described as “the world’s most ill-advised wedding favours” was located.


“Be mindful of what you’re travelling with and what it might appear as on an X-ray monitor,” the TSA advised in an Instagram post about the harmless TNT bottles, that didn’t end up being so harmless. The security agency discreetly avoided adding a loud ‘Duh!’ to its post.

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