Most Annoying Things About Hotels? Other Guests

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Hotels should be an oasis of calm amidst the storm of modern life. And they often would be except for one annoying factor – other guests.


Expedia's inaugural Hotel Etiquette Study reveals just who those guests are – by category, that is, we’re not actually naming and shaming here.


Topping the list are ‘inattentive parents,’ who let their little devils run wild, negatively influencing the experience for 67% of their fellow guests.


Next in line are ‘hallway hellraisers,’ who annoy 64% of respondents by not confining the party to their rooms.


Here’s the full list, from most to least annoying:


·         Inattentive parents: 67%

·         Hallway hellraisers: 64%

·         Complainers: 54%

·         In-room revelers: 52%

·         Bickerers: 26%

·         Poolside partiers: 22%

·         Loudly amorous (indiscreet lovemakers): 21%

·         Hot tub canoodlers: 20%

·         Business bar boozers: 12%

·         Elevator chatterboxes: 6%


"While etiquette violations differ, they tend to come down to the same behaviour, whether or not guests respect the strangers in close proximity to them," said John Morrey, vice president and general manager of, in a statement.


"A modicum of consideration for your fellow travellers can go a very long way," he said.

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