Mom Told To Pump Breast Milk At Airport Pet Relief Room

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Pet relief area at IAD

A nursing mothers' room at SIN

The red fire hydrant really didn’t help.

When traveller Liz Cooper requested a private place to use her breast pump at IAD, she was escorted to the pet relief room.


Cooper described her reaction as shocked when a UA employee showed her the room. "There was no door, and there was a red fire hydrant in there for dogs to pee. It’s pretty much ridiculous in the year 2015 that we have to talk about this."


The airline, which denied Cooper access to the airport's United Club area because she isn't a member, now says it plans to issue her an apology for the substandard accommodations. "Although many of the airport terminals where we operate do not have dedicated private spaces, we welcome nursing mothers to breastfeed or pump on our aircraft and in our facilities," a United spokesperson told Boston TV station WCVB.


Breastfeeding and pumping at airports has become a polarizing topic recently, with some airports constructing private spaces for nursing women to access while they await their flight. BUF is the latest to address the lack of privacy and comfort for nursing mothers with a special lactaction room set to open next month.


The room, which can be locked, will contain outlets for breast pumps, a sink, a table and a chair. Despite those efforts, only 8% of U.S. airports have lactation rooms. 

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