Forced Or Fun? FA’s In Overhead Bins

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Is being forced to lie inside an overhead bin just mischievous fun or a bullying hazing tactic? That’s the issue KY is being forced to deal with following complaints by some junior flight crew. The story coming out of China claims attendants are being forced to lie inside the bins as part of a flight crew “initiation.”

Kunming Airlines says it had no knowledge of the alleged hazing new flight attendants underwent after photos showing a female flight attendant lying inside a narrow overhead compartment were shared on the social media site Weibo.


According to the original statement from the airline, the incident took place on a plane of its sister carrier Queensland Air, and happened after the crew wrapped up its duties. The airline said the incident “did not affect the safe operation of flights and passenger services.”


“The company attaches high importance to the incident,” the statement read, adding it will “prevent such things from happening again.”


Some flight attendants, however, reportedly have a different story to tell. “Multiple stewardesses have consistently filed complaints to the company. However, their request for further investigations was ignored, and the ritual continued to exist for nearly 5 years,” read a post on the English-language  Facebook page for state-run CCTV.


“Though many of them were annoyed by the ritual, they still went through it in fear of being edged out by other colleagues. In fact, a few stewardesses were labeled ‘asocial’ and ‘cocky’ after they refused the ritual,” CCTV reported, citing another article.


The original Weibo post, from an account called Civil Aviation Tabloid, indicated the new flight crew members were “forced into lockers by security staff upon completing 30 to 50 hours of service,”  BBC reported.


But another post made light of the issue, saying facts have been “distorted” and that the crew is “very harmonious” and the stunt was just “spare time joking with each other.”


Flight attendants in the U.S. and elsewhere have posed for photos while lying in overhead bins – but no one forced them to climb in.

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