Tourists Cluttering Your Photos? There’s An App For That

Open Jaw

You finally check off the Taj Mahal from your bucket list and want to preserve the moment with your camera. The problem? All those (other) annoying tourists blocking the view.


Adobe says it has a solution. The people that brought you Photoshop, have created an algorithm to be adopted by camera makers and cell phone cameras.


It’s called ‘Monument Mode,’ and when it’s in use it will detect stationary objects – the Taj Mahal for example – and remove moving objects – that obnoxious family waving selfie sticks.


The moving objects will be removed from the shot – buh-bye selfie family.


The company has yet to go into much detail explaining when and how this new innovation will be released, but a mobile app that uses a phone's camera is a likely start.

If you’re interested in finding out more, watch this (somewhat lengthy and awkward) video featuring Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman and Adobe community manager Kim Chambers.

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