Phone Number Printed On Hotel Loyalty Cards Links To Adult Chat Line

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Members of Spire Elite, the top tier of hotelier IHG’s loyalty program, likely have high expectations when they call the Customer Care hotline number printed on the back of their membership cards. After all, to achieve that level, they have to stay about 75 nights per year at IHG brands.


But being welcomed to “America’s hottest talk line,” and offered access to “interesting and exciting guys” and “hot ladies” might not be what they had in mind.


As the website Consumerist reports, all of the membership cards that were sent to Spire Elite members featured a 1-800 number instead of the 1-844 prefix for the 24 hr. customer care line.


Whether by dumb chance or sabotage, the wrong number is attached to an adult chat line, where the conversation is more likely to be about what to do in a king-sized bed rather than whether they would prefer 2 queens.


A Spire Elite member contacted Consumerist after dialing the number and realizing that IHG probably didn’t refer to its customer service operators as “hot ladies.” A commenter on the FlyerTalk forum pointed it out as well; he related that an IHG representative said it was a “known issue.”


A spokesperson for the U.K.-based hotel company told Consumerist that it has e-mailed Spire Elite customers to inform them of the 10 digit mistake printed on their cards. IHG also said that it would be mailing new cards to those customers.


Until those cards are received, Spire Elite members can contact customer service at 1-844-774-7300 or by sending an e-mail to

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