FA To Non-Pregnant Woman: “How Many Weeks Are You?

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When will people ever learn? You never, ever ask a woman if she is pregnant unless you’re absolutely sure that she is.

Jetstar Airways has learned that lesson the hard way after being forced to apologize to a New Zealand passenger who was offended by being asked if she was pregnant.

Grethe Andersen, who has no bun in the oven, complained after a flight attendant showed 'no remorse' after asking the 'rude' question as she boarded a flight from Wellington to Auckland.

Andersen, 24, claims the male flight attendant gestured at his stomach and asked her: "How many weeks are you?"

Jetstar told local media it contacted Andersen to apologize and offered her £44 flight voucher, reports the BBC. She said she did not get an apology at the time.

Andersen said she felt "self-conscious", and added: "I used to be quite heavily overweight and even then was never met by such a rude question and especially no remorse from the flight attendant."

A Jetstar spokesman told news service NZME that it “sincerely apologizes for the distress the passenger experienced.”

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