MSY Hotel Invites Women To Vie For “Most Convincing Strumpet”

Open Jaw

Do you ever fantasize about being a 19th-century hussy?

At Open Jaw we leave that role to a certain Ms. Gabbalot, who is blatantly a hussy and, if she were to allow carbon dating, just may date back to the 19th century.

But if the idea of competing for the title of ‘Best Dressed Madame’ appeals, you’re invited to join a bawdy bevy of hopeful harlots who will vie for the title at the annual May Baily Look-Alike Contest to be held 18NOV in the bar of the Dauphine Orleans Hotel in the Big Easy’s French Quarter.

Comedienne and raconteur Becky Allen will preside over festivities, including a costume contest, raffle prizes, specialty cocktails including the Madame Martini, all accompanied by Ragtime piano tunes.

The most convincing strumpet, chosen by celebrity judges, will be awarded an overnight stay with her companion of choice in the Bordello Suite above May Baily’s Place. Other prizes will be given to honour Best Madame Name and Best Madame Accessory.

Proceeds from the raffle contest will benefit Covenant House, a shelter for youth in crisis, located on the former site of Storyville, closed in 1917.

May Baily, an Irish girl orphaned by a yellow fever epidemic, became a madame when her late father’s friend helped fund the opening of a “sporting house” at 423 Rue Dauphine, on the edge of what later became Storyville, the city’s red-light district.

A renowned bordello, May Baily’s was granted a city operating license on May 30th, 1857, allowing “lewd and abandoned women” to practice their profession in her establishment. She ran May’s Place for almost 50 years.

May Baily’s Place is a nostalgic tavern accented by a wooden bar, burgundy fleur de lis wallpaper, gaslights, brick walls and mirrored ceiling. A red light continuously burns in the hotel courtyard in testament to Ms. Baily’s memory. Little imagination is required to recall the location’s earlier history as house of delightful ill-repute.

Any lady who occasionally fantasizes about being a 19th century hussy is welcome to dress in period costume and participate free of charge by registering on Eventbrite. And don’t worry, Ivanna has haughtily informed us that she isn’t entering due to a previous engagement.

“In my conspicuous absence, a lesser entrant may stand a chance,” Gabbalot sniffed.

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