Jimmy Fallon Is Catching A Ride At Universal Studios Orlando

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Jimmy Fallon is getting his very own ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, the 41 yr. old TV host announced last week.

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon will open in 2017, replacing Twister... Ride It Out when it closes today after almost 20 years.”  Universal says that riders will enjoy “the full Tonight Show experience as they’re transported to Studio 6B to race against Jimmy in a crazy adventure that only he could imagine”.

The host excitedly revealed the news on his show, but stressed that he wasn't allowed to leak too much detail. “This is the real deal! It's scary, it's fun, it's exciting,” he said. “Do you know the Harry Potter rides and all that stuff? It's like that, except instead of Harry Potter, it's me. And instead of Hogwarts it's New York City,” he explained.

“But it's insane, the technology is 3D, it's like moving things, it might even be 4D - does that count as a dimension, the other little things they have in there? - I think legally we have to say it's 3D.” 

According to Universal, on this “brand-new, hilarious ride experience,” guests will twist, turn and laugh as they speed through the streets and skies of The Big Apple, encountering everything from iconic landmarks to the deepest subway tunnels – “and anything else that comes to Jimmy's mind.”

Hopefully Universal won't yank the plan now that the tabloids are all over Fallon's drinking and behavioural issues with rumours his Tonight Show run may be coming to an end.

That's one ride we'd line up for!

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