EI Attendant Sues Airline Over Hard Landing

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An Aer Lingus aircraft landed so hard that when it hit the runway it bounced 3 times, causing duty free liquor to smash in overhead lockers and pour onto the heads of screaming passengers.

That’s the lurid testimony of EI cabin crew member Cassandra Reddin, who was working a flight from AGP in November 2009 that allegedly landed so heavily that she thought “we were all dead.”

Her claim against the airline is being heard in Ireland’s High Court in Dublin.

Reddin, 33, says she suffered back and neck injuries when the plane allegedly landed in a violent fashion because it descended too fast. She also alleges that she suffers nightmares as a result of the incident. Reddin told the court that she thought the plane wouldn’t stop and would run right off the runway.

“I thought we were all dead, that the airplane was not going to stop. I was shaking,” she said.

EI denies all the claims.

Reddin’s counsel told the court the downward force generated during the landing was consistent with a wholly inappropriate and excessive rate of descent.

He said it would have been easier for the pilot to go around and make another attempt to land, whereas instead the landing produced “a degree of chaos and stress on board.”

The case continues.

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