How BA Offended 1 Billion Indian Cricket Fans

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British Airways has incurred the wrath of Indian cricket fans over legend Sachin Tendulkar – also known as ‘God’ to many fanatical cricket lovers.


Tendulkar had tweeted the airline, complaining about poor service and what he referred to as a "don't care" attitude by staff.


The airline responded, apologizing for the inconvenience and asking him for his full name and address. Indian fans on social media went into a frenzy that BA didn’t know who he is, and declared social media war on the company.


The reactions to the tweet from Indians have bordered on the hysterical, with some people even going so far as to call upon Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to call off his U.K. tour.


Tendulkar has since tweeted that BA had "expressed deep regret" and offered to look into his complaints about customer service.


He thanked Twitter users for their "love and support."


BA is currently the top trend on Twitter in India, with even politicians like the former chief minister of Indian-administered Kashmir getting in on the act.


Indians are particularly sensitive over Tendulkar - widely acknowledged as one of the greatest batsmen the sport has ever seen. There are even temples and life-size marble statues dedicated to him. Special "puja" or prayer ceremonies would often be held for Tendulkar ahead of matches where India was due to play.


When he retired in 2013, people travelled to Mumbai from across the country to watch his final test match, with emotions running high.


It’s not the 1st time Indians have taken offence en masse on behalf of "God." In 2014, Russian-born tennis player Maria Sharapova was pilloried on social media by Indians after she admitted she had no idea who Tendulkar was. Some people however, defended Sharapova given that she did not come from a cricket-playing nation.


BA unfortunately, has no such excuse.

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