Have Gun, Will Travel: But How?

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At a time when airport security is in the spotlight, a U.S. air traveller reportedly took his loaded handgun through security, onto his flight and all the way to his destination without being stopped by security.

According to DailyMail.com, 67 yr. old retired truck driver Blake Alford from Jonesboro, Georgia, didn’t realize a loaded gun was packed in his carry-on luggage when he entered ATL 05NOV. From a Canadian perspective, even the fact that you could forget you were carrying a lethal weapon is quite startling.

According to Alford, after he put his bag through the airport’s X-ray machine, he proceeded to board his WN flight with no issues before making it to his destination in Chicago. Once he arrived at his hotel room, he discovered the fully-loaded Ruger .380 semi-automatic pistol in his bag.

Alford flew back to ATL with the gun again, but this time it was legally stored in his checked luggage. He says he decided to come forward with his story in order to help other travellers avoid making the same mistakes and to force the Transportation Security Administration to address the situation.

Alford told the Daily Mail, “I just learned a very valuable lesson. Always check your bags before you travel.”

TSA spokesman Mike England told the Daily Mail that the department is investigating the incident. 

England said TSA is “investigating this matter to determine what occurred and what steps, if any, need to be taken to ensure that security protocols are executed appropriately. If we find that standard procedures were not adhered to, we will re-train employees as necessary to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures. TSA employs a robust security system involving multiple layers of security, both seen and unseen, to protect the travelling public.”

It appears that in this case they were mostly unseen.

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