Prêt-à-Porter Airline Seats: Is That 32B You're Wearing?

Open Jaw

Ever sat down in a commercial airliner and thought that the seat fabric might make a great pair of pants? Or a bustier? Frankly, no. But fashion students in Hawaii felt that all the fabric from Hawaiian Airlines’ cabin retrofit shouldn't go to waste. The result? Depends on whether your pant preference is an aisle or window.

Apparently, the overwhelming supply of old seats from Hawaiian Airlines interisland fleet was the impetus for management to find a practical recycling idea.

“In March, Hawaiian began retrofitting its Neighbor Island fleet with a modern redesign featuring lightweight main cabin seats," states an 18NOV press release from the airline. “The partnership with Honolulu Community College and The Cut Collective to repurpose large amounts of unused seat material was seen as a fun and creative way to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.”

The students took to the idea like Mae West to a pant joke. "Is that an arm rest in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" 

7 designers from the school set out to make actual, wearable garments from 19 First Class and 23 Main Cabin seats and headrests. 

Gives a whole new meaning to who wears the headrest in the household but, does that bustier come with a floatation device?

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