Worst Airline In The World Is Always On Time

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North Korea’s Air Koryo is ranked as the worst airline in the world by online review site Skytrax. The only one-star airline in existence is always on time and never overbooked. And although pax are prohibited from taking pictures or videos of the operation, Tech Insider has provided a photo essay on what it’s like to fly the airline run by the North Korean Government. (Apparently a meal is served. But you eat it at your own risk.)

 Founded in 1995, the Air Koryo fleet consists of Soviet era planes. Flying mostly domestic routes, it does have 4 international destinations: Vladivostok, Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai.

Here is a sneak peek into the world of a one-star airline: What it's like to fly on North Korea's one-star airline

You will receive a courtesy copy of the Pyongyang Times loaded with 
propaganda pictures of Dear Leader Kim Jong-un 

Air Koryo in-flight meal consisting of a “hamburger”

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