TSA Thanksgiving Advice: You Will Not Fly With A Soupy Pie

Open Jaw

Is a pie a liquid?


According to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, it all depends. Of course, with airport security, a lot of things ‘all depend.’


The screener at IAH sure didn’t like the bottle of Tajin Mexican spice Open Jaw brought home from SJD last weekend, despite it being in a sealed, branded and transparent bottle. The combination of their dithering over that tasty chili, lime and sea salt spice and the 90 min. slow march that proceeded it resulted in a missed flight and still-absent luggage.


Even protests of “Just keep the damn spice” didn’t help.


As the travel-choked U.S. Thanksgiving holiday gets into full swing, pax will be well advised to travel without pie. Apparently, travelling with pie is a thing. But if you’re planning to fly with pie, the Washington Post has some (solid) advice.


“They must be firm. If your pie’s interior is found to be too soupy, that culinary labour of love might be banned from boarding. And don’t try to slip pie by the agents of the Transportation Security Administration. Expect the same degree of scrutiny your pie might get from the judges at a county fair.”


The TSA offers the following as a general rule of thumb: “If you can spread it, spill it, spray it, pump it or pour it, then it’s usually in the category of a [prohibited] liquid or gel.”


Bottom line: soupy pie = no pie for you.


Happy Thanksgiving, American cousins.

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