Failed Airlines As Marketing Tool?

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Leveraging the logos of failed airlines is not a standard travel industry tactic, but AA is banking on the retro appeal of old clunkers such as TWA to woo passengers into a nostalgic stupor. 

Apparently "heritage" plane liveries are all the rage at AA as they roll out a series of tails emblazoned with the colours of the various carriers they have swallowed over the years. It is meant to "evoke memory and emotion from another era." Is that the era when airlines were bleeding red ink all over the tarmac? 

According to Fernand Fernandez, American’s V.P. Global Marketing, “Customers will also identify with the historic logos and colours of the companies that now form the fabric of the modern-day American Airlines.” 

The fabric he refers to is a weave of mergers and acquisitions which affected the livelihoods of thousands of employees and dramatically changed the airline landscape in the U.S. But, taking the example of Pan Am, apparently there is an appetite for nostalgia and American is taking full advantage of it. 

In addition to the liveries, amenity kits with the logos of non-existent airlines are also being distributed.

“These retro amenity kits are a small tribute to the heritage of their careers and their legacy carriers,” said Fernand Fernandez.

This “experiential time-travel” will be available to AA pax through January 2016.

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