“Is It OK If I Bring This Toy Bomb Onboard?”

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With the aviation industry in a state of high-anxiety, it’s a bone stupid idea to try to bring a toy bomb on a flight. Even if you ask permission first.

A British tourist learned the blindingly obvious when he was removed from a flight at DPS and held for questioning.

Davide Fogli had bought the toy bomb – complete with a timer attached to sticks that looked like dynamite - in a toy shop and hoped to take it back home for a New Year's Eve party. He had declared the toy to security officials at Ngurah Rai International and asked if he could bring it on the plane.

Officials refused and the toy was left at the security checkpoint. But later, as his QR flight to DOH was preparing for take-off, the plane was ordered to return to the terminal and Fogli and his female travelling companion were removed from the flight.

According to U.K. newspaper the Telegraph, the airport's manager had called the flight back after hearing about the incident.

Fogli and his companion were held for a day and questioned by security staff and police, who even sent investigators to the shop where the toy was bought.

Airport officials said the toy was realistic, and with heightened security measures in place following recent terror attacks, it was important to confirm the passenger's intentions. Their conclusion: no bad intentions, just shockingly poor judgement.

Fogli was cleared and will not be facing any charges. He was allowed to travel 24 hours later.

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