Lost, Not Found: KUL Seeks Owners Of 3 Parked 747s

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How could an airport not know who owns 3 gigantic 747s that had to have landed there at some point?

That’s the question many are asking after KUL took out newspaper ads threatening to sell the planes for scrap unless the owner(s) turns up and to collect them within 14 days.

Aviation buffs have gleefully joined the hunt to find the owners. The planes can apparently be seen on Google Earth and 2 of the 3 have been linked to MH. A search on Airfleets.net revealed that MASKargo had leased 2 of the planes from Air Atlanta Icelandic, Malaysia’s Star newspaper reported.

But both MH and CC have denied ownership.

“If they were ours, we would have claimed them,” a Malaysia Airlines official told the paper.

It has been claimed the 3rd plane is also from Air Atlanta Icelandic but that company denies it. “Air Atlanta Icelandic does not have any knowledge of who the current owner of these aircraft is and has nothing to do with these aircraft today,” a company spokesman told the Star.

The planes were linked to Iceland at one point, as the 3 jumbo jets have been deregistered from the Registry of Icelandic Civil Aviation Authority.

As eGlobal Travel Media reports, pictures of one plane, which bears no markings, indicates it is a cargo aircraft, without windows except in the top deck. But since the planes certainly weren’t built at KUL, they had to have landed there at some point, and it´s a bit odd that records dont seem to exist.

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