Just In Case: U.S. Politician Wants Ban On Airline Bathroom Fees

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Illinois congressman Dan Lipinski doesn’t want to be caught short.

While no airline has actually imposed a fee to use the in-flight bathroom, it is something fee-obsessed airline bosses have considered, most notably Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary. Lipinski wants to flush that idea before it gets dumped on unsuspecting passengers.


To that end, Lipinski has proposed legislation that would prevent any domestic airline from adding lavatory access to its list of ancillary charges.


The Hill reports that the bill, known as the Comfortable and Fair Flights Act of 2015, would also allow pax to change flights for free if the bathroom on their plane was out of order and force airlines to refund any baggage fees if a passenger’s luggage is delayed by 2 hr. or more. In a statement, Lipinski said:


“One thing [air travellers] should never have to worry about is access to a bathroom. Unfortunately, commercial flights are not required to depart with a functioning bathroom, sometimes forcing passengers to endure a trip without this basic necessity. Moreover, as ancillary fees continue to grow, the spectre of an in-flight bathroom fee continues to loom in the background since first being broached in 2010.”


5 years ago, FR suggested that its pax should have to pay either £1 or €1 to use its onboard lavatories. It also proposed removing 2 of each plane’s 3 bathrooms, replacing them with 6 extra seats. Those plans were greeted with rude noises and FR opted not to implement either one.


“These are all common sense provisions that will help protect the consumer rights of passengers,” Lipinski said of his proposed bill. 

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