FOC Firefighters Foam The Wrong Plane

Open Jaw

Firefighters at a Chinese airport were commended for their speedy action after reports of a plane on fire on the tarmac. It was all good until they sprayed the wrong plane with foam.

The bizarre incident caused a partial shutdown at FOC.

After an Air China Boeing 737-800 reported problems with one of its engines, fire crews raced to the scene. The plane's engines were switched off but a nearby Fuzhou Airlines 737-800 also on the taxiway readying for take-off had visible exhaust fumes showing.

Apparently thinking the exhaust was smoke, firefighters went to work.

Airport officials quickly let them know about the error, but the damage was done. The FU plane was delayed for 10 hr. while it underwent a safety check.

There were no casualties, but the entire incident result in 30 delayed flights.

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