Woman Tries To Bribe Customs Official With Some Action

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After a little shopping jaunt to Paris, 55 yr. old Hong Yang arrived at JFK with her sister and adult daughter. Customs and Border Patrol officers found a few undeclared items in their luggage. Just little things anyone might forget, including designer bags, a fur coat, diamond jewellery and watches. Total value: USD160,000.


Brooklyn Federal Court has heard that the woman then attempted to bribe the officer. She allegedly gave him a note with her name and phone number on it, and offered to throw in a watch and USD10,000 if he would turn a blind eye to the undeclared goods.


When the customs officer went away and returned wearing a hidden recording device, Yang apparently raised the stakes by offering to “sleep with” the officer and take him to China if he allowed them to pass through.


Although the woman was allowed to leave the airport at the time without charges being laid, on attempting to leave the U.S. for China this past weekend, she was charged with customs fraud and arrested by Homeland Security agents.


Hong Yang was released and is presently out on bail of USD250,000.


Her lawyer says the whole affair was simply the result of a communication problem.


“There was clearly a misunderstanding that unfortunately has resulted in an unjust arrest of a wonderful woman,” said lawyer Robert Gottleib.

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