Angry Hotel Guest Drives Truck Through Lobby

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Most people would have given the place a bad review on TripAdvisor, not that the hotel deserved one.

But one guest decided to "prove he wasn't bluffing" about his complaint against a Comfort Inn & Suites  in Alva, Oklahoma , so he drove his truck through the lobby, narrowly missing 2 employees at the front desk.

John Edward Parsley, 62, was angry over a billing dispute . He was arrested and charged with assault and malicious injury to property, and he remains in jail.

"The guest had tried to pay with a debit card the 1st night he checked in, and it was declined," hotel co-owner Rupal Kingson Christian said. She owns the hotel with her husband, and she was one of the people behind the front desk when the truck came crashing through.

"He asked us to run it again because he said there was plenty of money in the account," she said. "When it was declined a 2nd time, he went to get cash and paid for his room that way.

"The next day, he decided to stay a 2nd night, and again his debit card was declined, and he had to pay with cash. Later he got an e-mail from his bank saying there was an authorization for $264 on his debit card," Christian said. "I explained to him that this was just a pre-authorization and not a charge, but he would not listen. He asked that we void the authorization, which we did.

"He was still upset and called police while he was threatening to drive his truck through the lobby," she said. "Dispatch told him to step outside, and then he positioned his truck facing the lobby, and I called police back telling them this."

An Alva Police Department officer responded to the calls.

The incident report says Parsley drove into the hotel lobby despite the officer twice saying he would go talk to the hotel staff about the dispute. Parsley claimed he didn't hear the officer make those comments.

Asked after his arrest why he thought driving into the hotel was a good idea, Parsley told police that "they thought he was bluffing, and he proved he wasn't," according to the report.

"I'm so thankful that God's hand protected me," Christian told CNN. "My shoes were buried under the rubble, but I was unharmed for the most part, just a few bruises."

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